incoming students · general information 2015-16

> INTRODUCTION Internationalization and cooperation with other universities are very important issues for the ETSAC. The school actively promotes agreements with European universities under the Erasmus+ programme and with many other institutions all around the world under specific bilateral agreements. The ETSAC is an atractive destination for international students, who identify A Coruña and Galicia as a great pole of culture. They enjoy an international experience in a community where their integration results extremetly simple.

>ACADEMIC CALENDAR [ link] First term: 07 September 2015 to 22 December 2015 Second term: 25 January 2016 to 13 May 2016


1st year. Please select subjects from: Grado en Estudos de Arquitectura B2.G

2nd to 5th year: Please select subjects from: Grado en Arquitectura B1.G

>LANGUAGES Classes are taugh in Spanish and Galician. There are also English groups for the majority of the courses. LINK

>About Galician architecture: ETHZ, CAInstitute, ArquiteturadeGalicia