ETSAC in English

Welcome to the Higher Technical School of Architecture of A Coruña

In this link you have information about our teaching programme in English and here it is the link to the courses currently offered in English.

Other global data of interest:

ETSAC was founded in 1973: an exciting fifty-year educational experience
1,000 students
109 teachers (70% PhD)
Ratio: approximately 10 students per teacher
EAAE and Uniscape membership
Degree in Architectural Studies: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Degree in Landscape: 4 years, 240 ECTS. University of A Coruña and University of Santiago
90 first-year new students
English programme since 2014: itinerary with over 60% of the credits
Master´s Degree in Architecture: 1 year, 60 ECTS. Required for the professional practice of architecture
Master´s Degree in Architectural Renovation: 1 year, 60 ECTS
PhD programme in Architecture and Urbanism
Three Departments: Department of Architectural Design, Urbanism and Composition, Department of Building Technology and Construction and Department of Graphical Expression
Academic facilities: two buildings, one for educational purposes and another one for research
ETSAC Library (2nd largest in Spain): 65.000 issues related to architecture, urban studies, landscape and design
Ofab: ETSAC digital fabrication laboratory with a state-of-the-art equipment
BAc: Our international magazine on architectural research since 1985, published in Spanish and English (Avery and Scopus)
Exchange programmes (Erasmus and Bilateral) involving teachers and students: more than 50 outgoing + 100 incoming students from 15 countries, mainly Europe and Latin America
Large international joint ventures: Iacobus programme with the schools of Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Regensburg (Germany) since 1995, PUCMM Master´s Degrees (Dominican Republic) since 2002, Joint Graduate Design Project with Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and Inner Mongolia Institute of Technology (China) since 2014
Internship: 50 students training in studios
ETSAC is permanently and successfully going through a FIDES-AUDIT (ENQUA) quality process in terms of procedures, teaching and facilities