ETSAC in English 2015-16: General information


A CORUÑA SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE (ETSAC) is a well-known public academic institution with a 40-year experience and considered among the top schools in Spain. ETSAC has been offering both local and foreign students the possibility to study a degree in architecture mostly in English since the academic year 2014-15. In summary, 26 subjects in the first four years of study, amountig to 156 ECTS, above 50% of all credits. Subjects in English for the fifth year and the Master´s Degree will be offered in 2016/17 and 2017/18, respectively.

Registration: Applicants for the English programme should prove at least a B1 level of English. Such level may be demonstrated with an official certificate or by passing a test. Tests will take place at UDC in September. The dates, time and place will be published on the ETSAC web. In case there are many candidates, those with the highest academic grades and English level will be selected.

English test: Just for students who do not have a required certificate. -English WRITING test will take place at UDC Centro de Linguas on September 7th. -English SPEAKING test will take place at UDC Centro de Linguas from September 8th onwards. On September 3, Centro de Linguas will e-mail ETSAC applicants with details about the test, time and place.  

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