HYPERLOCAL Competition: Mumbai 2030

At COMMUN we are creating a community of architecture students and young professionals where they can come together, showcase their work, learn from each other and as a result create a significant impact on the industry.


Too often creative projects go unrealized
Students and young professionals at the starting of their careers find it hard to get a platform

At COMMUN designers + mentors + industry professionals can come together and support each other COMMUN aims to connect at least 200,000 architecture students, early-career and mid-career professionals globally till the end of 2018.

As the first step on this journey, we have launched a competition themed

The idea competitionaims to provide a platform where participants have full freedom to redefine the design and story of its evolution.
​​ The online competition is open for the global community and is accepting applications. Entries are due in October and the total prize money in cash is ​$5400.

We invite student members from your college and university to participate in the HYPERLOCAL and join the vibrant community of young architecture students and professionals all over the world.